Night Watch

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  1. Oki and Ike sticks pretty close to each other.

  2. Ike is lost! Saw him last at 3 am three days ago. He was okay… had made friends with Shiny and Coco. Went down again at 4am but could not find him. All the day and night searches have been unsuccessful… I had brought them down for several nights from about 1 to 4am… had planned a slow and gentle release… Plans for releasing Oki have been aborted!

  3. I wish I have the courage like yours. Not to be too attached as Buddhist practises is something so hard to acquire and so hard to achieve…I hope Ike is ok… cant help but worry.

  4. has Ike been found? hope he’s alright…

  5. Yes! Last evening VM sms me 🙂 Happy for that lad!

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