Batman has kidney problems

Old photo of Fighter

Ah Eng took him to the vet and had tests done. Her niece called me today to ask for advice. He is not eating and has lost much weight. Poo only every 4 or 5 days.

Fighter was Billy Boys arch-enemy 5 years ago… but later they became friends.

Ah Eng calls him Batman. I advised her to syringe-feed 1/2 can Avoderm morning and night and to give honey or lactulose for the constipation.


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0 responses to “Batman has kidney problems

  1. Batman’s kidneys need nourishment. Madam Shobba from AMK, whose cat is suffering from kidney failure and is on an intravenous drip, spends an average of S$200-S$300 each trip to the vet. I advise Madam Shobba to consider T.C.M. but it falls on deaf ears. 🙂

  2. I will ask her if she is willing to try!

  3. Have sent a personal message

  4. O.K., thanks for the contact. I’ll call her very soon.

  5. I am new to renal problem just a thought… does he need special diet? Lucy is on k/d now. Not all renal case need fluid therapy, Lucy didnt need it (hopes never) and may not be that expansive for vet visit. I had read up if symtoms show that mean 70% of kidney failed. I was adviced low protien diet for Lu so not sure if the same for Fighter. Please get Ah Eng to check.Btw, Dr C says Avodem may have too much protien as Lu was on Avodem prior to the switch.

  6. My main worry is his not eating and loosing wight. Most cats do not like the prescription diet (Hills)… for my Malcom I had to add sardines to get him to eat it. I also prepared a nutritious low protein diet for him with added supplements.The other thing is that Ah Eng may not keep him… though I tried my best to persuade her… once outside there is no way to control his diet.

  7. Yes, Ah Eng mentioned she had difficulties when I told her over the mobile on the need of long term nourishment for the cat.

  8. In that case Lucy had made it easier for me, she is ok with hill’s dry but not the wet. I was given RC renal trial pack but we have not open yet and I am not sure if she likes it. I’m looking for other can food for her, any suggestion?It’s hard if Batman has to be on the street, unless someone is there to make sure he eat so full (special diet) every meal and hope he is not greedy in asking for other food.

  9. Home-made is best! You can get recipes from net… or you could add things like pumpkin and other vegetables to good-quality wet food to lower the protein content.

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