Orange Boy unwell

Orange Boy has not been eating or drinking yesterday and was vomiting foamy liquid. He was also growling and hissing and hiding under the cupboard. Brought him for a check up this morning. The vet gave 2 injections (one of them was vitamines) but he could not really determine what was wrong with OB.

Will observe him for 2 days…

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  1. Could be… or a blockage. They could not feel any lumps because OB is too fat! I will leave him in the cage to observe. So far no pee no poo and didn’t eat or drink…. no more vomit. Maybe I will try the Lactulose tomorrow…

  2. A week ago, Chinky was also foaming a bit at the mouth but wasn’t as bad as from licking leftover shampoo some time ago.Try to put in a small amount of Centa enema (the blue coloured plastic ampoule) from Chinese medical hall. The discomfort from being constipated can make a cat grouchy.

  3. I think constipated… he had one large poo after trying a few times with no result. OB is still not eating but looks more interested in the food… sniffs and licks but will take only a small nibble.

  4. Chinky still BO 2 large chunks in my bedroom although he wasn’t squatting many times a day now. So am adding 2.5ml of lactulose to his wet food twice a day.

  5. Papaya juice can also help as an alternative to Lactulose.I use papaya juice once a while for my very fat Runnie.

  6. Managed to give him 2 syringes of Nutri-plus gel and 2cc lactulose.I think it’s a good idea to add papaya, pumpkin or honey to the food to prevent such problem.

  7. Enema given and produced some stool… but still no appetite.

  8. Offered OB some wheat grass and he got very excited… really ate a lot of it! Either he is turning into a vegetarian or he knows that he needs more fiber to get things moving…He is not dehydrated and no more vomiting so I will continue giving the lactulose for 2 more days. He is eating a little…

  9. Now my Runnie is having constipation for nearly one week. If tonight she still can’t release it, tomorrow she will be hospitalized for the expensive royal flush.

  10. Oh no…! Poor Runnie! Have you tried tgiving enema?

  11. I can feel the harden feces about 3 inches inside her rectum that causes the blockage when I inserted the syringe + tube to pump in the lactulose. How I wished I could dig it out myself rather than paying that $500 royal flush. It is so close in there.

  12. Gymgarfield commented that enema can be purchased at Chinese medical hall. Oral intake or through rectum? How does it look like?

  13. One way of inserting enema further in is to connect the “Centa” (blue coloured) enema via a “suction tube” (can buy OTC at any pharmacy) but lubricate the tube with some of the enema. Be gentle to avoid perforation the rectum. Squeeze the enema via the tube.

  14. postponed the appt to tomorrow morning.Going to check if the typical Chinese Medical hall downstairs knows what is “Centa Enema”

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