Lala came running

I was prepared to search for her through the night and then take the first bus back in the morning but still had not much hope of finding her.

Alighted from feeder bus at block 819 and saw a black-and-white community cat at the back of the block. Thought might as well start the search here. Shook my bunch of keys once and the next moment she was running around my feet and meowing loudly. Dirty fur, a bald patch on the back and hungry but otherwise she seems fine…

Still can’t believe that I found her immediately upon arriving… and several blocks from where she was actually lost!


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0 responses to “Lala came running

  1. I’m so glad to hear this. Both of you are fated for this reunion. Pls reconsider if you want to return her to the same adoptee.

  2. The happiest sms from Helga on my mobile when it was switched on this morning…Found her!

  3. Dont return to the adopter, he is so irresponsible, agreed to keep her in a room first than later change his mind. What if we never find her back?

  4. Hooray, good news. Maybe Lala misses Meowies.

  5. Would never return her!!! He didn’t even ask whether I found her!

  6. so glad and relieved Lala is found 🙂 yes, no point returning her to someone so indifferent to whether Lala is ok or not!

  7. Why didn’t the adopter join the search ?

  8. This adopter should be blacklisted 😦

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