Nushi went to Mt Pleasant Vet today

The blood test result is okay except that the platelets are a bit low. However the gums were still too inflamed. She has to take another round of Prednisolone for 5 days (double the dose that I had given her before) and also a course of antibiotics. The extraction is scheduled for Monday. Looks like quite a number of teeth will have to go…

Nushi’s weight went up to 4kg now. I have been syringe-feeding her a 3/4 can of Avoderm every morning and night to keep her strong….

I think Nush is in good hands… Dr. Goh had also operated on her 2 years ago when she had the blockage…. but of course I still worry because she took very long to recover from the anesthetics when she had some teeth extracted at another clinic . That was 5 years ago just after we found her. The vet had estimated her to be 8 years old then.


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0 responses to “Nushi went to Mt Pleasant Vet today

  1. Nushi looks like a crossed-breed.

  2. Could the low platelets be due to TCM side effects?

  3. No. Authentic and organic herbs do not produce side effects. Unless it is a “hybrid” or is mixed with Western medicine which can have toxic effects. Some of them (labelled with pharmaceutical name) are banned after users complain of discomfort. The link below says, “The deficiency of platelets has two basic origins: autoimmune attack against platelets (primary ITP) and bone marrow disorder (usually: secondary ITP). In primary ITP, the bone marrow produces platelets as fast as usual (at least in the early stages of the disease), but even before they have a chance to mature, they are taken out of circulation.” It’ll be helpful to know what T.C.M. Nushi has been taking for a while. 🙂

  4. Good thoughts and prayers are with you Nushi. Get well soon!

  5. Thanks 🙂 Did not give Nush any TCM. Too bitter to syringe and too dificult to pill her.She is a mixed breed… probably has some maine coon blood.

  6. Awww I hope she’s okay… get well soon Nushi!

  7. Meowies> Last night, my Ginger kitty excreted solid waste after eating a pill pocket with T.C.M. hours earlier. I am still monitoring their bowel movement. If this continues for another week, I’ll pass you some pill pockets if it is alright with you.

  8. Nushi is now at the clinic….

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