Stitches unwell

Stitches has been vomiting for 3 days and had no appetite today. Have caged him for observation. This evening he took some flaked fish and it stayed in….

Will bring him to the vet if he is not better in the morning.

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  1. My youngest kitty, Elmo, throws up after I administer T.C.M. to it. After she has vomited, she recovers soon after. Apparently, chilled food/meat can affect their system, just like ours. Now I must sure I warm up the meat by cutting it up and dipping it in warm water for a few minutes.

  2. Hmm… maybe it was a reaction to the TCM. Stitches seems back to normal now.

  3. The T.C.M. removes the ‘wind’ from the body thus the vomiting act – The indication on the box says so. Good to hear Stitches is back to normal.

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