Chocolate injured

Received sms from M “Noticed a big bleeding wound at right stomach of Choc. Notified his Indian shop-keeper owner. Just hope she will do something.” M had also noticed that choc had been missing for about 5 days.

Sadly, I have reason to doubt that they would bother bringing Choc to the vet.

Went down with a carrier to lent them but made it clear that I would not be bringing him as they had refused to refund me when I had Chocolate treated for urinary blockage 2 years ago… and had also refused to change his diet.

The wife phoned the husband and after I made some noise he agreed to bring Choco (he calls him Jumpok) to the vet. Later the vet called to say that he did not even get to see the cat as the owner told the clinic staff that all he would be willing to pay was $50,- and to just give him some powder to apply… sigh!

I went back to the shop to collect my carrier and also gave Choco food mixed with antibiotics. I voiced my frustration and anger even in front of his customers… told him what is the point of going for pilgrimage (His family went last year) if he is not willing to provide the necessary veterinary treatment for his cat! Allah would surely see his actions! I also threatened to inform the SPCA…

Finally he asked me to bring the cat to the vet and that he would join me there in 10 mins (waiting for his wife to come down take over the shop). When I said I would rather wait for him… he gave me $60.-. Of course he didn’t turn up… the wife cooking…lah!

Decided to go ahead with the surgery to stitch up the wound. When I asked the owner wether he could take Choco home to let him recuperate, he said he could not, because he scratches the sofa… but maybe he would take him home at night.

I requested not to put E-collar on Choco as he will be out and may get hit by a car if he can’t see properly… or may get stuck somewhere. Just hope that he will be good and leave the stitches alone!

Going to collect him now…


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  1. Good for u that u voiced out loud in public your frustrations with his low level of pet care! Hope Choco will heal well and fast..

  2. Thanks, Julesnsp! Hope he will at least give the antibiotics and apply the powder to prevent flies… then should be ok. He gave another $50.- after I showed him the vet bill… must have been feeling generous 🙂

  3. Passed by as they were closing the shop and asked about Choco. He was locked in for the night as he is still a bit unsteady. Saw him under a shelf at the back of the shop and he looked fine to me…awake and alert.

  4. the wound’s big. Choco’s biten by dog?

  5. When my I picked up my first kitty (see my avatar on right), she suffered a weeping wound on its hind leg as a result of hitting by a car. Beside antiseptic wash, I poured cinnamon powder onto the wound. I did this for many days. In the end, she recovered.

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