A difficult Bunny

Bunny is getting more difficult to handle. Could not tube-feed and medicate him this morning. Managed to do so at night but it took a lot of trying… and changing the bandage is also very difficult… growling hissing and swiping!

Bunny has not touched any food again since that first time…


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0 responses to “A difficult Bunny

  1. Poor Bunny. That photo is very cute. If Bunny has no digestive problem, perhaps he can use pill pockets.

  2. He is not eating :(Bunny gets the medication syringed into his feeding tube.

  3. Poor Bunny, mind I ask what did the vet say?

  4. He has to eat; i think it’s good to update his vet. Cats must never stop eating; they will become anorexic. Is he in some kind of pain or discomfort?

  5. Maybe he is in pain some where hence the hissing… Usually tube feeding is not very stressful for the cat as we have no need to touch the cat but the tube. Or did you accidentally tug the tube too hard during feed that causes pain as some parts are stitched onto the skin… [just thinking aloud].

  6. It’s not that he is in pain. Bunny was growling all the while when handling him but he did let me feed him and do a quick change of bandage. I guess what made it worse was the escape and then the frightening experience of being caught and returned to the cage…

  7. Poor guy… must be very confuse and fearful inside. Hope he get well soon.

  8. He looks happier now that tube and bandage are removed 🙂 Even let me stroke him a little.

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