Kiki missing since Sunday

Kiki is missing from blk *28 Area 1. She was adopted by a resident but sadly was allowed to roam outside.

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  1. cannot tahan such adopters (

  2. Come to think of it… it is quite likely that another resident has taken her in (click on tag “kiki” to see the history)… but of course still need to search for her in case she was in an accident.

  3. which other resident? from where?anyway i am miss chew, the resident at block *28 who lost the cat.

  4. If I knew I would tell you! Just guessing that it could be the people who took her in before, sterilized her without tipping the ear and then abandoned her again…

  5. Blackroselien says thanks to all! Kiki has been found in the school library. She is now earting and drinking and sleeping alot.

  6. Really a miracle that she could survive for so long being locked in without food and water.

  7. Thank you blackroselian for the info – Happy New Year 🙂

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