Surgery late afternoon

Bunny, be strong and recover!

The vet says Bunny still looks dull and may not be able to take the surgery but waiting is also very risky…

I gave the go ahead as I am pretty sure the injury happened 5 days ago… if not he would have turned up for feeding. He has been 5 days without food and my gut feeling is not to wait any longer!

I consulted my old friend The Dream Cards yesterday and if my interpretation of the spread is correct then the cards show that Bunny will live! There is a great struggle central to the issue but there is resolution , healing… not transition. The future card shows caring nurturing .. a weak newborn lamb is handed to the seeker to care for….

I was not able to visit Bunny today… sigh!


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  1. Poor Bunny, hope he gets well soon. Bunny has the same coat pattern as my newly adopted 4-month old kitten, Elmo. I saw a deck of divination cards at Mustafa S.C. some time ago and thought of buying it. In the end, I bought a book on Tibetan divination system called MO from Evergreen book store at Pearl Ctr.

  2. The palate has been stitched, the jaw wired, feeding tube inserted and Bunny is awake now 🙂

  3. Good news, get well soon, Bunny. 🙂

  4. Get well soon Bunny! You both will be in my prayers!

  5. Oh dear Bunny injury looks very bad :(Such horrible beings within our midst 😦

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