Unkind Humankind

Old photo of Big Head (2006)

I have received several complaints from Town Council… some problems are in areas with no caregivers and about free-roaming home cats. We still try to help and talk to those irresponsible owners.

Then I get an email that someone complained that there are “a lot of stray cats” in one of our well-managed areas. The complainant pointed out 4 black cats and one tabby (actually there are only 3 black cats, one of them being Big-Head). He wants them removed because “they go to the void deck, are under cars and on top of cars and go to the playground”. TC gave me a deadline of Dec. 11 to “solve the problem”.

These 5 cats have been there for years and Sylvia who passes this area in the morning and also feeds the cats at night says she never saw them on the playground or the void deck of this particular block. I think TC has informed the complainant that these are sterilized community cats… now there is suddenly a complaint that a car had been scratched! The complainant asking TC to pay for the damage.

This is the area where the then RC chairman wanted the cats removed because he claimed “they shat on his car”. In that same area we once had a lady who claimed a cat would follow her… the cat was actually a very shy one who would run away from strangers! I guess some people are not beyond exaggerations and lies when they want the cats removed.

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  1. This person who demand TC to pay for his car scratches is beyond reasoning. Why dont he take his car home and that will assure his precious-no-feelings-matel will be well protected. And TC just pass the pressue onto you is also not fair. GRRRRRR!This car complain thingy will never happen in the UK.

  2. Intolerant and selfish… sigh!

  3. Ask the TC to obtain “proof” from the complainants. Then ask to meet the complainants. Many of these complainants are cowards and will not dare to show their face.The RC chairman is abusing his position! Turn the table on him and complain about him to the MP!TC is incompetent and ruthless by1) Not investigating into the complaint and ASSuming that it is true and that cats are to be removed2)Giving a dateline. What about giving the TC a dateline to clear the flyers placed on our grills, stuck onto walls, the rampant littering, etc!3) Not aware of the vacuum effect of removing cats, esp. when they are sterilised!4) http://meowies.multiply.com/journal/item/1487/Biggest_cat_killer_is_intolerance_Take photos of the area.Speak to residents at that area.Any rules to say cats cannot be in void deck?Can we complaint of kids making a nuisance of themself in void deck and ask they be banned?TC is generally brainless and useless! Pandering to complainants and fanning the bottoms of RC chair people and RC members!

  4. TC request meeting with caregivers… which will be just Sylvia and myself.

  5. Two voices better than none 🙂

  6. Print this for the TC officersStraits Times ForumNov 28, 2009My PointReflection of values’The abuse of animals, environment, maids, the elderly and others is certainly of concern to any mature society.’MR TEH THIEN YEW, general manager, Singapore Kindness Movement Secretariat:’I understand where Ms Michelle Elizabeth Yin is coming from in Tuesday’s letter, ‘Have a heart – How can Singaporeans show kindness to one another if they show no mercy to homeless animals?’I am sure many share the same view, as I do, that the way we treat animals is sometimes a reflection of the values of kindness we hold in our hearts.The same can be said about the environment and even those disadvantaged in our community.The abuse of animals, environment, maids, the elderly and others is certainly of concern to any mature society.And as Singaporeans, we should be concerned.It was therefore heartening to read on the same day in The New Paper a contrasting account of a man’s selfless love for strays over the past two decades.There are Singaporeans who are willing to – as Gandhi said – ‘be the change you want to see’.’

  7. Hope this thing can wait until after the holiday season…

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