A small colony of stray cats

I saw 3 young adults and 3 kittens about one month old. They were at a busy non-residential area in town. At least here is quite a bit of greenery and bushes for them to hide. There are also feeders but sadly no one to sterilize them…

A young boy caught one of the kittens wanting to bring home. He said his parents allowed… but I have doubts. Another passerby stepped in and managed to persuade the boy to release the kitten. This man told me he is a caregiver himself and has 7 kittens at home right now…


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  1. I will sponsor the sterilisation. Can you ask Damy to trap them?

  2. Thanks for sponsoring :)Took some photos today but it was raining and I saw only these 2 kittens and one of the female cats… Damy also went later but couldn’t see any of the cats… It was really a heavy downpour early afternoon!

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