Abused Cat

Xiao Huang

Received sms from C.P. that there is a badly injured cat near her place. Contacted Ivy who stays close by and then we brought the cat to Dr. Kenneth. She has two large wounds at the sides of her body… probably scalded with hot water but no witness.

The wound is not fresh… the abuse probably happened a few weeks back… lucky no maggots! How could people pass by this very tame and friendly community cat lying in front of a cake shop and simply walk away? She must have been in great pain and had lost some weight.

On our way back from the vet we met the cleaning supervisor… who said there was an orange cat running around the corridors of *17. Thought this could be the missing Roxy… we searched all the corridors… but only saw Donna and Puma.

Later while Ivy was walking towards the main road to get a taxi the door suddenly dropped out from the carrier and Xiao Huang escaped… but we were lucky to catch her before she went under a car. She will be released back and Ivy will give her the medication twice a day for 2 weeks and apply the cream and powder.


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  1. There are many animal abusers around. E.g. at Blk 418 near Hougang Ave 10, a young friendly Mackeral Tabby was found shaved on its side of the body. Madam Teo, a caregiver, said she recced during the night but didn’t catch the culprit. She said it could occur during the day time, a period where not much people were walking around. I understand Helga and co. are busy so vigilante work is out of the question. I wish more animal welfare volunteers can come forward to help.

  2. speedy recovery, XH.must be very painful for her.

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