Two done and three more to go…

By the time Auntie G turned up to show me the pregnant cat I already had her in the carrier. She is very tame and hopefully early stage…

Had planned to take either the pregnant cat or the siblings…so had brought only one large carrier. Ended up doing something quite stupid… put the male cat into a cardboard box and tied it onto to the front basket. Had to press on the box lid while cycling back to prevent escape. All went well but on hindsight it was too risky…

Also saw another new young male cat (tabby/white) at the same area…sigh!


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  1. Helga, you can customize your bicycle to carry pets at a bicycle shop cum metal work shop at Syed Alwi road. You’ve to spend some money though.

  2. Oh the bicycle is not the problem… it can take 2 carriers, one at the back and one in front…. but using a cardboard box as a makeshift carrier was not such a good idea!

  3. Yes, I’ve done something similar like that. I transport a pet carrier by tying it on my rear seat instead of using another bicycle with a bigger proper pannier rack. I ride slowly and the pet carrier is made of plastic and is light.

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