Area 3 mother cat missing

She was sterilized and tipped after her kittens had been adopted and was then released back to the car park.


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0 responses to “Area 3 mother cat missing

  1. This is no good. Maybe Meowies and friends need to form a group and speak to the respective T.C.

  2. The TC manager of this area does contact me when there are problems… and I believe he is sincere. She is very tame… could be that a resident took her away…This cat is under the care of the same caregiver auntie who had lost Floppy Ear (never found) and then Lau Hei (found in the eastern part of Singapore and now safely in her home).

  3. Oh I see. Good to hear that. Sometimes these mysterious disappearances we cannot help but quick to point finger at T.C., as their record of attitude towards animals is no good. These kittens are so cuddly, just like their mama cat.

  4. Trust that had been destroyed by lies is hard to win back…

  5. Mosque mummy cat is also missing – the feeders in that area just love to relocate the cats as and when they like. They left 2 young kittens there and now mother cat has been missing for 4 days 😦

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