May Stranger be free from pain


This is Ivy,s FIV cat Stranger. Please send prayers and good wishes to Stranger. He is in a lot of pain now and nothing the vet can do “because he is so fierce”.

Ivy suffered with him through the night… He was in pain, screaming!

Then in the afternoon Mohan came to the rescue… trying to clip his nails and syringe-feed him.

Ivy is prepared to have him euthanized if the pain cannot be alleviated.

Hope Mohan can do his magic…


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  1. Can the vet prescribed syrup morphine? Ask the vet to prescribe Fentanyl patch at 12ug/hr (this is available from hospital pharmacy) (Duragesic, Sublimaze, Ortho-McNeil Co):Fentanyl patches are the most commonly used form of opiate narcotic used in pets. Fentanyl was first synthesized in the laboratory in the late 1950s to control pain in humans – particularly those suffering from cancer. It is about 90 times as potent as morphine. Unlike oral or injectable opioid narcotics, fentanyl patches slowly and continuously releases the drug giving smooth, continuous pain relief. Fentanyl passes through the pet’s skin and provides very steady pain relief. Veterinarians most often used fentanyl short-term, after surgery, in advanced cancer or subsequent to body injury. Fentanyl is sold as a transdermal adhesive patch which is placed on a hairless portion of the pet’s skin. In medium and larger dogs, complete patches can be given. In large cats, a whole patch can also be used. In smaller cats, only a portion of the plastic liner is folded back. Patches should never be cut. In dogs, one patch lasts for 72 hours but it takes 12-36 hours for enough of the drug to be absorbed. In cats, the effect of the patch can last up to 120 hours. Cats absorb enough of the drug to be effective within 5-8 hours. In dogs and cats, side effects include excitement or lethargy, poor appetite, and low body temperature. Fentanyl patches are sold in sizes that deliver 25, 50, 75 and 100 micrograms of the drug per hour. The 25 mcg/hr patches work well on 8-12 pound cats when only half the protective liner is removed. I find it best to cover the patch with an elastic bandage. Fur stubble interferes with delivery of the drug so that 50 mcg/hr human patches actually deliver about 37 mcg/hr in pets.

  2. Dedicate Medicine Buddha Mantra for Stranger.

  3. Tough journey for Stranger. May he get the right medication for help his pain.

  4. Sorry had no internet connection for the past few days. I think the vet couldn’t apply the patch because Stranger was to fierce… but will let Ivy know. She was already prepared to let him go but he is still hanging on. Ivy will be trying to give him the injections.

  5. Mary, that’s what I did 🙂

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