Damy found again!

Waited until 11pm, then released Shy Boy and went round searching for Damy. After several rounds I passed by a block near to a very busy main road. Saw an Indian man sitting at a stone table and then spotted Damy under the table. The man told me the cat had been sitting at the bus stop and was very hungry. Even as I was putting him in the carrier the kind man reminded me that Damy was very hungry πŸ™‚

M later told me that she had collected a few bodies from that road… cats that were under the care of a feeder there. Damy was also in danger of being rounded up by pest control again if he went a few blocks further…

When I opened the carrier in the store room Damy ran into his cage to gobble up the dry food πŸ™‚


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0 responses to “Damy found again!

  1. What a joy to see Damy back again!Helga won’t give up searching.

  2. Thank goodness and Damy must be so happy to be back. Thank you to you too for your patient and never give up spirit.

  3. He looks happy to me and not affected by all that had happened to him.. still trusting humans… so innocent πŸ™‚

  4. i never like our community cats to be too trusting. i always tell those i feed not to be too trusting and friendly before i leave the feeding ground πŸ™‚

  5. Phew, so glad Damy is found, thanks for your persistence in looking for him. Yeah, i also tell the cats not to go near strangers and stay away from people with bad vibes πŸ™‚

  6. But cats are too kind and trusting , they always end up trusting the wrong people …

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