Tiny hungry kitten

Finally saw the little kitten at *21 area 1 that M was telling me about. So thin and only about 3 months old. Hope it will be safe and stay around to be fed…


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0 responses to “Tiny hungry kitten

  1. Saw her again today. She finished a can of Fussy Cat guarding it fiercely against Pinny and Pretty… who got only dry food as I was not on my feeding round.

  2. Fed the kitten again at the same place but no sight of Sarah…

  3. appear for more rounds of food, skinny gal.

  4. The kitten came again today, same place… but still no Sarah.

  5. Oh Dear, Sarah are you well? Please come for dinner

  6. Good news, Maxiejane saw Sarah 🙂 Strangely she was back at *28 following someone to the car… the lady then carried her upstairs…and left her at the corridor.

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