Billy Boy went to his new home today

In the car


windows meshed

and everything ready for him

A wonderful home for Billy Boy… so why was I suddenly so emotional and confused… not wanting to let him go.

I guess it’s called attachment…


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0 responses to “Billy Boy went to his new home today

  1. Lucky Billy Boy, i hope it’s a forever home. Not attachment, you are touched. It’s like too good to be true kind of feeling 🙂 You can always pay them a visit, i am sure Billy Boy would love that. i always confuse Billy Boy with Greyee Boy.

  2. wow billy boy has a nice crib! it kind of reminds me when i adopted my baby dapdap and now she is 1 year old.

  3. Hi Mary, fyi greyee boy also has a home already 🙂

  4. Update sms from adopter:Still not coming out from under the sofa since this morning. This morning he purred when I combed his fur and sat at the grill. But he is a very suspicious cat, very tense. He ate very little but he peed nicely on the pine. so just now I left him again under the sofa, but his eyes are kind, not angry and scared.

  5. Tell adopter to give him time to settle down. The cat litter tray seems kind of near his kibbles. Is he only fed kibbles? Yes maxiejane, Greyee Boy – that’s why i said 3x 🙂

  6. Hi litelput, you can buy the crib from IKEA.

  7. so happy for Billy Boy 🙂 hope adopter will send some pics later on of him when settled down in new home.

  8. Yes, so happy she liked him… scars and all :)Mary, BB gets the same wet-food and kibbles that he was used to. Everything is close together because the kitchen is quite small but I suggested to confine him to a small area first…

  9. @mary! hi there. yeah we already have one!=) no basket though. billy boy has a cute scratchpost!=)

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