Outlook bleak and hopeless

New back kitten dumped in area 2. Called Ivy who told me that someone lost a black kitten. She came over but turned out that this was not the lost kitten… but she offered to bring him over to her block to keep an eye on him and hope that the other young cat there will look out for him. Darky was already trying to attack him. He was named Inky… but now he has gone missing…

Another new kitten sighted by M in Area 1… will try to look for him tonight.

Yoyo will soon have to be released and probably will go back up to the 8th floor…

Damy will also be released… so far no one interested in adopting him.

Same goes for Bo and Sarah.

The Cleaner and Cleaning Supervisor keep telling me about defecation at blk *28, 4th floor and 2nd floor. When I check at night the corridors are clean and no smell…. but saw the new abandonee is back again on the 4th floor. Need to sterilise him but then he will still go back again… or should I relocate him a few blocks away?

Cat food supplier just informed me that prices are going up again. Most months my income from cat-sitting is less than what I spend on cat-food alone…

There is no hope… a few people trying to solve a huge problem… while the authorities do not address the problem of abandonment.


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0 responses to “Outlook bleak and hopeless

  1. perhaps u shd release damy back to original area?

  2. if there isnt food on 4th flr , it’ll discourage the abandonee frm going up to 4th flr to eat. much less defecate.

  3. It’s a tough environment.Hang in there, Helga.

  4. i am sorry, i know how frustrating it can be. i will get my supplier to call you, tell him what you needs.

  5. Thankfully there is still a “Sangha” where we support each other and thanks for the beautiful video, garfield! Sadly I am of not much use to anyone when stressed out. Yes, this will pass, too πŸ™‚ Thanks Mary, I know you know πŸ™‚ Feeders are good at pushing everything to the caregivers…giving you the location of the injured cat they feel they have done their part. At the moment I am thinking of releasing Damy back to *28. At least he is happy there and doesn’t go to the car park or get attacked by The King. Sarah can perhaps be relocated to Donna’s place but she may be attacked by Roxy… sigh!

  6. De-stress, breath in, breath out – easier said than done πŸ™‚ BTW, kitties growing up beautifully.

  7. May they all find good homes!

  8. They already have a home – don’t intend to re-home πŸ™‚ After the last 2 rounds, i don’t wish to take anymore chances.

  9. Hope you will reconsider! They have good chances to be adopted at that age… and you have already so many to care for… and if you really feel you can take in another one why not keep that place for the next emergency that comes your way… to save another cat that has nowhere else to go… like Manja or Beauty Boy.Just worry that you take on too much…and your health suffers.

  10. True, meowies, we should not overtax ourselves, must be in good health b4 we can function properly. On many occasions lately, when I wasn’t feeling well, my hse cats suffered n let alone the poor strays that I’m feeding. I’ve taken in nine animals which are already too many so now I’ve learnt to say a ‘no’ to myself whenever I felt so sorry for a particular cat cos there’s no way I can house it. Hi Mary pl reconsider, who knows there are good homes for the kitties n do not be discouraged by bad encounters πŸ™‚

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