Update on Ladyblue

I was worried when the adopter called saying that Ladyblue (now named Miki) had been vomiting after her meals. The vet gave antibiotics and something to stop the vomiting. Today her food stayed in so hopefully she is getting better.

Damy is much better… now eating on his own and purring and his ears have lost that yellow tint 🙂

Maxiejane noticed that Tomy had Chinese medicated oil all over his back and also on his head. She wiped off as much as possible.. but the smell was still very strong.

Later we gave him a bath and also syringed some water and gave him the liver-support formula. This stuff is probably very toxic to cats and it gets absorbed through the skin. I wonder who would do such thing and was it done out of ignorance or with the intention to harm the cat…

Winny is still missing. She is from the same block as Sophus. She would always come running and meow loudly… hungry or not.

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  1. Hmm, LadyBlue – is she still on her same diet or was there a change in her diet?

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