Young female abandoned

According to a resident of blk *28 she was dumped yesterday at *27 by a Chinese woman who had carried her in a plastic bag.

No choice had to take her back and hope the vet can squeeze her in tomorrow…

She is pretty… white with some ginger patches on her head and a short ginger tail. I think not more than 6 month old…. but could be pregnant.

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0 responses to “Young female abandoned

  1. we need to find out whose been dumping cats at that area. because we cannot afford to kp anymore in this area. too many around!!!

  2. Might be pest control ??? Since they can nab cats from our area , definitely they can dump as well !

  3. We all must keep our eyes open…and act when we see someone nabbing or dumping cats! Take photos, confront them and call the police… and don’t forget to call me also… take down the vehicle number…. etc.

  4. She was not pregnant… but almost on heat (early stage).And she needs a name now… any suggestions?

  5. Lotus or Soursop 🙂

  6. Oh Lotus is nice as a name but soursop ??? Ahm… a nice fruit but I would like the Portuguese name Graviola better….but anyway too late maovellus named her Sarah.

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