Damy is unwell

Applied Revolution two days ago and transferred him to the balcony yesterday. He looks lethargic and has not been eating since yesterday and I think he has a temperature…

Gave him Vibravet today and also tried to syringe some Nutri-gel and water. He put up a struggle and then went to the water-bowl to drink on his own…

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0 responses to “Damy is unwell

  1. uh oh, hope it is mild flu.

  2. What’s wrong Damy? Please don’t stress but recover ok?

  3. Bad news…Damy has jaundice. His ears are slightly yellow. He passed normal stool yesterday but his urine is bright yellow. Dr Kenneth gave three options, do blood tests, etc., have him hospitalized and put on drip, or try medication. I went for the latter one. Had to ask Maxiejane for help because two people are needed to medicate and syringe-feed him. He put up a struggle but together we managed :)I think if we can feed him and he doesn’t vomit… there is hope for recovery. He is on antibiotics and prednisolone… and also giving him the Hepavite (liver-support) 1/2 capsule a day.

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