Hansel to be sterilised

Have to continue with sterilization… but unable to house the females so I will have to get the males done first as they can stay in the carrier until being released the same night. Some caregivers release the females after one day but I have never done that…

Hansel (brother of Gretel) had to wait a long time for his turn. Thankfully he is a good and quiet boy… I have already stereo sound from Rocky and Yoyo.

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  1. I think it’s very risky to release a female immediately. For me at least 3 days, boys the next day is the earliest.We are the one who wanted to sterilised them so their health and safety should be our pirority. This is being responsible to them since we want our way on them even though on good ground.

  2. Yes, that is also what I have been doing… 3 to 7 days for females. Only a few of my boys have been released the same night… and so far so good. Hansel is now in the cage and will be released tomorrow night.

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