3-legged dog at AVA

J said AVA refuse to release the sterilised dog because they claim that he is agressive. According to J this dog from Kallang area is actually very friendly and would not attack anyone. Some calls have been made and some people are trying to help…


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  1. Oh dear, I hope these AVA people understand their place is a very stressful area. When a dog is stress, it’s either it flight or fight! AIR HEADS!!

  2. Of course any TAME animal or even human will be stressed and appear aggressive in an intimidating place like AVA! Some AVA staff’s mentality ought to be culled!! It is ironic that AVA can claim to have a WELFARE dept when it is a KILLING field for strays!

  3. Does anyone know how the dog looks like or how long has it been 3 legged? I have a missing dog from the kallang area from a while back. email : artelem@singnet.com.sg

  4. The dog is a brown mongrel female and has been there for quite a long time.

  5. Good news the dog is saved!The rescuer had to pay $846 fine! Had to declare that it is not a stray otherwise can’t claim! Sms from J: New law is no stray dog is allowed to be claimed all have to be put to sleep.

  6. New Law – is it official? Which animal acts?

  7. * staunt * !why did AVA make it so difficult for the rescuer to rescue a stray dog.

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