A quick update on Ladyblue and Tuna

Ladyblue has been renamed Miki. She had a thorough check-up and was found to be healthy and young. The vet thinks that she probably has been sterilised but need to observe her…

Surprisingly she has ear-mites and the vet recommended another round of Revolution in 3 weeks time. I would have thought that Frontline plus Revolution would have killed everything?

Tuna has been renamed Chloe and is now on Litterkwitter training. The adopter believes that she was already halfway trained as she would look at the toilet but seemed scared to go and end up peeing into the sink.

Hopefully I will soon get a photo of Chloe on the loo šŸ™‚

Maybe her two brothers will follow her example… one seems already interested.


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0 responses to “A quick update on Ladyblue and Tuna

  1. Wish both happy forever šŸ™‚

  2. Garpy started off pee-ing in the sink but was forced to use the litter-bin after I blocked the sink with the a small garbage bin.

  3. I think Revolution needs to be dropped direct into the ears to clear the mites there more effectively.

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