Damy has been found

Playing with the Cat-Dancer

The Feeding Aunty noticed a new cat that appeared hungry and lost near her home, which is quite far from where Damy was lost. The next time she saw him it was a few blocks away at *25 Area 2. Told Sylvia to check his ear because Damy’s tipped ear has a very shallow cut. She called me at 1am last night and confirmed that it was Damy. At first she thought it was an unsterilized cat but then saw the tattoo in his right ear. I cycled down to get him…

I am glad to have found him…but now it’s confirmed that Damy had been “earmarked” for some reason, photo was taken, chances are he will disappear again!

To leave him at Area 2 would also be very risky as he had not settled and the Aunty saw him only sometimes. He also seemed quite happy at his old place in front of blk *28 and safe from cars as he did not go to the car-park.

All I can do is to keep Damy in for a short while hoping to get him adopted…if not he will have to be returned… after getting a proper ear-cut!


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  1. Welcome home Damy 🙂 Whatever happened ?

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