Lady Blue adopted

Lady Blue will be going to her new home soon. Have just applied the Revolution…


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0 responses to “Lady Blue adopted

  1. Beautiful girl, so majestic looking 🙂

  2. Aiyaya…I’ve applied frontline on her before I left for my trip.

  3. I always say Silver must have some British Shorthair blood but all I get are sniggers from Mum . -_-“

  4. I still give that sniggers…kekekeke 🙂

  5. Lady Blue will be going to her new home on Sunday morning 🙂 I am curious how old she is… from her behaviour I thought she is an older cat but her teeth are very white.

  6. I thought Garpy was 7 when I first took him in but Dr Hsu of AC said he was not more than 3. As he adjusted to life in the sanctuary of a home and his nourishment improved, his “aged” look indeed fell away.

  7. Maybe it’s the same with Lady-Blue, she is malnurished and her fur is very rough and dry. I think with good care she will soon tranform into a beauty 🙂

  8. Eh… Silver could really have some British Shorthair blood…the face…the smile!

  9. Ha ! Finally someone agrees wif me ! 😀 Ya lor , look at the eyes ! Same !! 😀

  10. She also inherits the ‘Genghis Khan’ blood…hahaha…lady warrior 🙂

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