Cat on the roof

A young tabby with long straight tail and wearing a coller with 2 bells at Blk*22 area 1.


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  1. A cat with collar may not be a resident cat. i have a group of INDIAN teenagers from Batley Secondary School challenging me to collar the community cats if i am feeding and sterilising them as claimed when i advised them not to insist on touching the cats when the cats showed irritation when touched. My intention was that the cats do not scratch them and when Beauty avoided her touch, this ‘big mouth’ girl lightly hit him on his head in my presence. She then claimed loudly she is a animal lover and questioned why i did not collar the cats and openly tell me she does not like BLACK cat. i was so pissed off with her attitude when she asked another group of friends to approach me and good thing this particular friend was understanding, apologise and said she will talk to the ‘big mouth’. Finally i have to ask the uncles sitting at the void deck to look out for them and the felines.

  2. Write to the School Principal and cc to

  3. This one is a home cat. Saw somone at the window trying to coax her/him to come back in.

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