Seven Cats to be abandoned…

Picked up Good Boy from the vet and on the way home saw a girl sitting at the void deck with a large cage holding 5 cats and an empty carrier. I approached her and found out that they were going to release them. Then I saw cat number six walking around and asked the girl to place him back into the carrier. Made some calls while waiting for her mother. Thankfully the cats were accepted at a cattery. The mother gave me $300 after I told her the usual boarding fees and requested that she should give at least as much as she can for the boarding. She said they are shifting out to stay with her sister until they get their new flat… in a few months time and that she would then take the cats back also would visit them at the cattery… we exchanged tel. numbers

They had already called the AVA and SPCA before decing to abandon the cats downstairs….sigh!

I had also called the police just in case… at least there is a record and her particulars were taken. I was taken aback when one of the officers said that abandonment was actually not a crime unless there was abuse. This cannot be true!

The daughter helped me to bring the cage to my place and then came back a while later with cat number 7. All the cats are sterilized and tipped.

Later at night Damy came to collect the cats, to board over night and then bring them to Metta cattery the next morning. The cats were very tame and very frightened… didn’t make a sound while they were here.


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  1. They must be running out of options when attempting to release all the cats downstair.Hope they will claim back the 7 cats once they settled in their new home.

  2. The officer needs to be educated. Refer him to Dr Lou Ek Hee of AVA at64719995Ask for the officer’s email addess so that you can write to him officially with cc to the relevent authorities!!Read

  3. Cruelty to animals is a crimeIn Singapore, cruelty to animals is a crime. Under the Animals and Birds Act, anyone who is found guilty of such an offence including abandonment of any animal, can be imprisoned for up to 12 months, fined up to $10,000, or both.

  4. This is totally atrocious !!! :s

  5. thank goodness they were not released on the streets, they look like they wouldn’t survive there, poor things…

  6. This is so simply unbelievable! I They may have been desperate but did it ever cross their mind that these poor cats may not survive on the streets? How could they live with the fact that the cats can die out there?!

  7. I was so angry…. gave them a good scolding! How could they!!!!The daughter said they had earlier tried to bring them downstairs but they always came back. A boy sitting next to her and staying at the same block said he had 13 cats at home. Why…? because they gave birth…! He claims that now they are sterilised. The Chinese boy whose black cat has been locked out (same block) was also with them. I was hoping the arrival of police officers would have some deterrent effect on would-be abandoners but with that officer’s remark …sigh!

  8. ANIMALS AND BIRDS ACT(CHAPTER 7)PART IV PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALSCruelty to animals42. —(1) Any person who —(f) being the owner of any animal, abandons the animal without reasonable cause or excuse, whether permanently or not, in circumstances likely to cause the animal any unnecessary suffering or distress, or causes or permits the animal to be so abandoned;shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both; except where an owner is convicted of having permitted cruelty to an animal under subsection (2), he shall be liable to a fine not exceeding $10,000.

  9. Pass this info to the police post

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