Always someting….

Both Bo and Roxy have loose stool and are on oats porridge diet with a little tuna mixed in.

Billy’s wound has healed but Stitch’s gum infection is back. Giving him the anti-inflammatory tablets that were meant for BB and started a course of Zithromax which seems more effective than Clavulox.

Q saw the calico female that was first spotted together with Coco. Someone must have taken her in and then released again. Hope she is not pregnant! Must try to trap her… Q also saw another new male ginger kitten…

Good Boy was limping yesterday his front leg swollen and painful but no more space to take him in so I just applied the powder…


Ivan has been missing for about a week.

Rocky is very vocal especially at night…he misses his freedom to roam outside… and me unable to sleep. Will he ever get used to staying indoors?


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  1. Gum infection can be due to anaerobic bacteria, so you may need to add metronidazole.Alternately is to use yoghurt that has antibacterial properties, or Manukua honey.

  2. Will try the yogurt first. Ivan the terrible has returned today 🙂 Both Bo and Roxy’s stool formed today and Roxy has been released. Bo will go for boarding tomorrow.

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