Roxy to be sterilised

Roxy let me come closer and stroke her today during feeding … that’s when I realized it’s a female and pregnant. Have to agree with Maxiejane, that my judgement is getting worse.

Came back after my feeding round and managed to nap her. Hope the vet can squeeze her in tomorrow and that the pregnancy is not too advanced…


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0 responses to “Roxy to be sterilised

  1. I think we all have been wrong before. Some that we thought too young were found pregnant during surgery, some while still nursing kitties. There is a place for neutering cats younger than the current standard of 5-6 months’ old.

  2. Stress – let’s throw everything to the wind 🙂

  3. Jokingly, I have to agree with you when you told me that your judgement is getting worse nowadays but pl take it easy as no one is infallible. I’ve made worse judgement in Survivor’s case, almost killing her but I did not blame myself or imagining that others will blame me and thus at the end of the day, no unnecessary sorrow or frustration felt 🙂

  4. No need to blame onself for wrong judgement… just hopefully we learn after a few times 😉

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