Bottlebrush to be sterilised and other matters

Decided to bring Bottlebrush to the vet… better to be safe.

Met the guardian of Longhair today. He says she is doing well and is very gently, loves to be stroked by his son.

Released the *10 tabby boy today and saw some tipped-ears at the void deck of a nearby block and a lady sitting at the stone table (sleeping). As I came closer she woke up and I recognized her as the lady working at the coffee shop where Orange Boy used to be… she was the one who told us about the abuse. Now she is jobless and also has difficulty walking. She stays nearby and feeds the cats here and there is another lady who brings them for sterilisation. I told her about the complaint at *10 and that it would be good to get him to move away from this block. Sylvia went twice to check in the morning and both times she found food at the staircase landing. There is already a warning letter from Town Council at the lift lobby… maybe they can’t read English?

I wonder at the hard life of this lady who is now jobless and not well. She has no phone but told me that I can find her here at this table every night from 8 to 11pm…

Regarding Cinderella’s family, the TC officer went to pay another visit today and the cats were still out (running into the flat as he approached) and they still claim it’s the downstairs cats who defecate on the corridor. He is going to summon them! I am also at my wits end… I am afraid they may just hand the 3 cats over if I get SPCA involved.


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  1. Yes, life can be tough when jobless and sick with no health care insurance.

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