Another cat complaint

The complaint is about defecation in flowerpots on 2nd and 3rd floor. This is actually not my area but will still try to help if possible. Both times I went there the cat was downstairs and there was no defecation, urine smell or food on those corridors. The 3rd floor complainant said she had placed durian husks on the flower pots and it worked.

The young and very friendly male cat will be sterilised tomorrow and then released back. I saw a tipped-ear at the void deck of the same block so I think there is a feeder/caregiver.


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0 responses to “Another cat complaint

  1. Durian husk..another tip to share with caregivers and to impart in knowledge to the town councils.

  2. Haha… yes, a clever idea :)I told her to try the mothballs when durian season ends.

  3. Tell them to use charcoal, and to have their flower pots meshed up with the skewers as support. Mothball will not do much for this case. i will email the photos to you for reference.

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