What’s the use of having a meeting with the GM…

… if TC officers are not informed of the outcome?

Received an email form from TC Property Officer regarding cat nuisance at Blk *75, Blk *79 & Blk *80 and that there were also complaints regarding defecation on the common corridor.

She asked whether there was any cat lovers group in this area and whether all the cats were sterilised. (This must be a new officer)

I wrote back that all the cats are sterilised and asked for more details so that we can check and try to solve the problem and that it would be best if we could talk to the complainant directly.

This is the reply:

I think it will be inappropriate for me to give you the contacts of the complainant.

Please ensure that all the cats under your care are sterilized. If any cats is causing nuisance to the residents, we will remind you to relocate it. Failure to do so, Town Council will not hesitate to remove them.

Lastly, i will contact you if similar feedback occurs again. Thank You.


This is just sooooo frustrating!!!


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0 responses to “What’s the use of having a meeting with the GM…

  1. Time to educate this property officer and to remind her that she is SERVING all residents including “cat lovers” and NOT “cat lovers” SERVING HER!

  2. Also remind her to use appropriate terms such as caregivers or “cat management” volunteers and not some stereotypical fanatic “cat lovers”.

  3. I always bristle when the term “cat lovers” is used!

  4. This officer is so ignorant, tell her to get her facts right.

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