Kiki locked out

Door locked and Kiki is left outside at midnight…


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  1. Knock on their door till they open up for Kiki. i have done that countless time for 2nd floor ginger cat and finally have to involve the HDB. These ‘owners’ – really irresponsible and HEARTLESS.

  2. pls give them the benefit of doubt. maybe they jus wan to let the cat roam n play ard, get some fresh air.

  3. sorry blackroselian, i disagree with your kind thought for this family. which one of us would lock out our animals/children, be it day or night? would you? and not worry if they will return safe. if one should worry, then why not house them in knowing they will be 100% safe?

  4. Mary, you are brave! I knocked a few times but then felt bad because of the late hours. The cat was hungry and also quite dirty… now of course I also doubt the sterilisation story!Roselian, I had warned them about cats disappearing and TC calling pest control and other dangers. There is not even a grass patch…. just car park all around the block. They just simply can’t be bothered to mesh properly! Either that or purposely abandon the mother cat…

  5. Not brave Helga but felt so sad for the ginger cat as he sat outside meowing; and he was so hungry; he ran down to eat the food i serve for the community cats – can you imagine? i guess after hearing how many cats they have ‘dumped’ by not having mummy cat sterilised, and knowing i personally have been involved with their latest batch; i just exploded seeing Ginger cat being being locked out. And yes, twice i had knocked on their door for almost 1/2 hour before the son opened clad only in his towel. But i don’t mind, free show, why not 🙂

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