Brown cat entering people’s home

At first TC informed me that someone was feeding cats at blk *27 which is close to my Area 3 and that the cats tried to enter a family’s home.

I contacted the Area 3 feeders and one of them knows the *27 feeder who feeds 2 sterilised cats at her block and says there are no other strays there.

Then the second email from TC clarified that it was a brown cat and that the cat had now entered a unit on the 10th floor of blk *25. He had to get 2 officers down to shoo the cat out.

I called D who happens to stay at this block and she recalled seeing a new ginger cat around. I asked if she could check the corridors in case the cat was still there. She said she would get 2 of the feeders to go with her. The problem is that this new abandonee moves about so it will be hard to find him…. I guess it’s a male because D mentioned that he had a big head. If sighted I will go down to trap him for sterilisation.


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