Cat-sitting Jumpy and Gang


Jumpy used to belong to an elderly homeless man. He was on a string all the time as the old man was worried that people would steal his kitten…


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0 responses to “Cat-sitting Jumpy and Gang

  1. Hello String-Cat.Was wondering what happened to him. Did he have some behavioural problem just after he was adopted?

  2. He still has some behavioural problems but much improved. The rescuer kept him… Jumpy was not suitable to be put up for adoption.

  3. Oh, I remember him. He’s so hansome now.How’s the old man doing in the old folks home?

  4. Good to know the elderly man has a place to stay and taken care of.

  5. hey, that’s the cat on string! Good to see Jumpy lookng so gd. Hope Mr Tan is doing well in the home.

  6. Thanks for helping out with the cats. Jumpy & Co. were all alert in the afternoon anticipating your visit. =) They had to settle for me catching up some sleep on the couch.

  7. Haha… I’ll miss them 🙂

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