Cat with broken pelvis

Yesterday caregiver J was looking for one of her community cats. It’s a black cat and just two blocks away form where Lau Hei was relocated… so obviously she was worried.

She did find him later but while searching she saw a very sick looking unsterilised young cat (also black). J said that she couldn’t take him in and couldn’t take him to the vet… but in the end she did take the cat in and brought him to the vet 🙂

After consultation with the vet J was very worried about the cost of x-ray and possibly surgery and considered sending the cat to SPCA instead…

In the end she went for the x-ray and was told it’s a broken pelvis and to keep the cat in for a week… no surgery needed.


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  1. Is Lau Hei relocated or in E’s home?

  2. I mean where he was removed earlier… now Lau Hei is safe at home 🙂

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