Let out to roam and get pregnant?

Rolling about…probably on heat

New female

at Blk *11 Area 2

The first thing I noticed was the tight old and dirty looking collar which suggested abandonment. As she is a young and thin cat, not fully grown yet, the collar could choke her once she grows bigger.

After cutting the collar I noticed that there was a tag with name and address scratched into it. Will have to pay a visit to talk about sterilisation!


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0 responses to “Let out to roam and get pregnant?

  1. Spoke to the owner – the cat had been sterilised after her first litter. They have 5 cats. 2 are sterilised and 3 are still young, about 4 months old… must be her kittens. They seem responsible guardians trying to keep their cats indoors – the lower half ot the gate is blocked which works for the others… but this one jumps up.

  2. Tell them to mesh up the whole gate. Did they even realise this cat had jumped out?

  3. I did šŸ™‚ Also told her about the cats disappearing (even those wearing collars)… and reminded to sterilise the kittens at age of 6 months.

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