When these terrible posters appeared in the TC notice board in Ivy’s area, we went to Town Council and explained why these posters will just encourage irresponsible feeding and worse may actually lead to more abandonment. Ivy also gave them her Responsible Feeding Posters. The TC agreed and replaced the offending posters.



Now half a year later the offending poster is back!!!

It’s time to see the MP!!!

Penny is also very disheartened that the cats she sterilised in an area where there is no caregiver have been rounded up…. which happen to be the same place where Rocky had been relocated to!


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  1. Any possiblity that the cats still at AVA.If the area is now filled with unsterilised cats, use it to illustrate the vacuum effect. Also ask if any less complaints with cats removed?

  2. Better act fast. For sterilised cats that are brought into AVA by pest control engaged by TC; they will be kept for 5 days. For unsterilised cats with collar and healthy looking, they will keep for 2 days. For unsterilised cats that are either sickly, not beautiful looking, don’t seem to have carers; they will be KILLED within the next day upon their arrival to the AVA.

  3. Bad TC! up to their no good again.possible to rescue the rounded up cats?

  4. That’s the problem when there are no responsible feeders to inform the caregiver when cats go missing. Penny probably came to know about it too late… because she would have told me if successful in claiming them back from AVA. She only found out yesterday and called AVA today.The TC poster seems to be an honest mistake! All the neighbouring blocks had the Responsible Feeding poster displayed except for that particular block where I happened to do cat-sitting…. and it was removed today.

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