Actually not my cat…


Ginger-Tom was originally found at Blk *14

He was sterilised last year

Food and water outside 4th floor unit

While feeding the cats at Blk *10 I saw a family waiting to take the lift. The woman had a cat carrier. The kitten in the carrier looked about 4 to 5 months old and had a white face with some orange around the ears.

By the time I decided to approach them the women and 3 children had already taken the lift up but the man was still standing at the lift lobby. Yes, they were the family staying at that unit on the 4th floor but the cat was actually not theirs…. and he wouldn’t stay indoors.

The man told me that they had another cat (male kitten) which according to him was only about 2 to 3 months old and too young to be sterilised.

I advised on meshing and sterilising….

Will feedback to TC and perhaps need to talk to the complainant… since 3 out of the 6 families staying on the 9th floor never saw any cat on their corridor.

I know that a person with fear of cats is staying at this block…

Stitches was sent to AVA in 2006 because of complaints from this block. I claimed him back and the TC officer warned the Indian man who caused the complaint by irresponsible feeding at the lift lobby. The problem was solved but half a year later Stitches went missing…


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