Dumy is a sweet boy

Dumy is very quiet now. He must have been so frightened, first abandoned then caught by Pest Control.

Poor little Dumy!

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0 responses to “Dumy is a sweet boy

  1. Yes, marvellus, please take him, Dumy is still a kitten:) He would make a perfect home cat… He was noise before but now he is very quiet.I will have to release him… but this area is very crowded… great risk of him being chased off by the dominant males!

  2. Ya marvellus , this is 1 handsome boy . 😀 Sweet and frenly too . Do consider him . ;D

  3. Released Dumy yesterday midnight… because had to take Jade in (weak and fever). The other orange-white from *26 is also sick. Luckily Q took him in and I passed her meds… named him Damy.

  4. Dumy and Damy; confusing lah 🙂

  5. Haha ! Ya . Next time U mention Damy , will wonder if itz the cat or the human . 😀

  6. They look much alike, could even be brothers…so name must match – ma! 🙂

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