Rocky & Dawn

Rocky got whacked by Dawn when he jumped on the cupboard where she was resting and Nushi gave him one of her slow-motion hisses when he jumped on the bed. Ash also chased Rocky again and was confined to the cage for a short while…Then I heard growling on the balcony… Stitches and Billy Boy again!

Went to TC yesterday to talk to the Property Manager especially about posters… my request was to give a grace-period of 5 to 7 days for lost-pet posters. I pointed out that any lost home cat if not found will only add to the stray population… and multiply if not sterilised! So it is in everyone interest that lost pets are reunited with their guardians. The same goes for community cats. I suspect that Rocky was removed by a resident probably because families on the 4th, 8th and even 12 level used to bring him up. The large vacuum left by Rocky was quickly filled by several other cats from neighbouring blocks (all sterilised community cats).

Now I will have to flyer the whole block before more community cats are lured upstairs and removed….

A TC officer from another area mentioned that there is someone feeding cats and birds leaving a mess of rice on newspaper at block *30 (Area 3). I explained that this person does not belong to “our group of responsible feeders” and I am glad that he intents to get her fined for littering… This lady had been approached by the feeders who had to clear up the mess but she still continues. Hopefully a fine or a warning from TC officers will do the trick.


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  1. Just hope he will quiet down and get along with the rest! Have to take the risk and release him back if it doesn’t work out. I expected Ashley to spray all over the place… but so far so good.

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