Rest in Peace Sunny

Picture taken by Q.


Rest in Peace

At least there is closure now.

A lady (Q) contacted me soon after I had put up the posters. She used to bring Sunny home. I was on the way to meet her today to discuss what else we could do to find Sunny.

On the way a neighbour of Q approached me and told me that Sunny had died and he had burried him. The man had just seen my poster. He suspects that Sunny was hit by a car.

This Malay man is actually from the same ground-floor unit where Sunny and Rainy first appeared… but they had denied that the kittens belonged to them.


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0 responses to “Rest in Peace Sunny

  1. His pain was momentary and may he be on the way to becoming a very compassion and wise being 🙂

  2. Rest in peace Sunny, have a good rebirth and be compassionate. Your mama can now rest her mind.

  3. Rest in peace, Sunny. Must be time for your rebirth.

  4. Rest In Peace Sunny! Your gang(Cloudy, Broken Tail, Noisy Joe) and myself will miss you during early morning mealtime 😦 Will always remember your sweet nature.

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