Sunny missing

Received the sad news today that another cat has been missing for a week from the same area.

A caregiver (M) heard a loud scream early morning on the day he went missing. She says it was not the kind of scream that is heard when cats fight.


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  1. Could it be the work of the pest controller?

  2. either a pest controller or cat-napper.Hope Sunny is not in harm way.

  3. … or even cat abuser (there was a scream).Now with the new TC manager things look not good. Ms Foo was of course the worst ever… then Ms Faith Lim was good… she even put up Responsible Feeding Posters on her own initiative. Now it’s back to square one… No posters allowed anywhere! So how can we ever find our missing cats or offer reward for information on abuse??? In the past they used to give 4-5 days before removing the posters… which is fine. Now they tear them down twice daily and give me the run around… the TC manager suggested that I ask RC to put in their notice board…. but they refuse.It’s still the same old attitude that cats are pests and caregivers are a nuisance. Of course I do suspect pest control was send in…

  4. Would writing the MP to update on TnRm and cc to the Manager just to put him in his right place.TC and RC need constantly reminding that they are to SERVE ALL and not their own interests or what they perceive as the “conservative majority” who share their views that cats are pests, which of course is not true.

  5. Would the recent meeting not helped in any way?

  6. Maybe I’ll write to LBW… As far as I know all the community cats in this area are sterilised. The property manager held up my poster of the Missing Rocky as an example of the problems he is facing… sigh! If a mother was looking for her missing child, would they tear those posters, too? I doubt it because they “wouldn’t have the heart” to do it.

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