Healty Trees get chopped down

Thanks to Mary for the link! I am glad that Ms Tan wrote to the press. Sadly some other Town Councils also remove mature trees for frivolous reasons such as complaints of bird droppings on cars or residents with phobias of birds.

I am still very sad about the sensless cutting down of beautiful, healthy, mature trees in my neighbourhood, and the mutilation of the trees at several car parks… sigh!

My Paper Tuesday April 28, 2009

Healthy trees in Pasir Ris

get chopped down

IT WAS reported that the temperature in Singapore was above 35 deg C on April 18.

Everyone everywhere is complaining all the time about how hot the weather is.

However, little do they know that we humans are the cause.

I live in Block 580, Pasir Ris Street 53. It used to be clean and green, and I could see beautiful trees outside my window.

I would tell my children that it is thanks to the trees that we have fresh air and shade.

My son knows that the evaporation from a single large tree produces the cooling effect of 10 air-conditioning units.

Many adults do not know this fact and neither does the Pasir Ris Town Council.

I say this because town-council workers have been cutting down healthy trees in my estate, despite my appeals to the contrary.

My daughter asked why “naughty workers? were cutting down the trees which she had known since she was young. She asked if they were “sick?.

How could I explain to her that humans sometimes destroy things for their own convenience?

We do not own this planet – we share it with all living things, including trees.

Without trees, humans cannot survive.

Sometimes, I wish the trees could rise up against humans, just like in the movie, The Lord Of The Rings.

I appeal to the town council to stop cutting down healthy trees. Save our trees and save the human race.

Ms Alice Tan Zhen Zhi

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  1. well done, Ms Alice Tan! Altho i am not sure how much impact this will have on our TCs to stop killing the trees that are so much a part of our sustenance but still hope that this will provide food for much thought and further positive actions.

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