Probation didn’t work out

Stitches and Billy Boy were at each others throat!

I restrained Billy Boy and then carried him onto the table while my daughter used an umbrella to block Stitches, who was so angry that he jumped onto the umbrella ( phew… that could have been our legs). One quick move of umbrella with cat to the cage and door closed.

See the angry face with deep lines on the forehead!

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0 responses to “Probation didn’t work out

  1. he is contemplating why he is locked up 🙂 Stitches boy, be soft and gentle like your mummy, won’t you ?

  2. I am contemplating on the emotion of anger. Always thought a bit of anger is useful as it energizes you to do something to set things right but Stitches is showing me that anger is just a very destructive and powerful emotion clouding our judgement. Often the innocent will be targeted if one cannot get to the “enemy”. Humans are not much different from cats.

  3. Ask Stitches, cradle him and ask. He is seeking your attention. Manja few weeks ago again had 2 bite mark on his buttock, courtesy of Tashi. i tell myself not to be angry with Tashi but to find a solution to the problem; i.e. keep them separate in my absence and now because of that 2nd bite, Manja gets to share the bed with me in the night 🙂 You are right to say innocent are targeted if one cannot get to the ‘enemy’ – i am relating to complaints made to the TC by the residents against neighbours they dislike whom happens to have / feed / care for the cats.

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