Gender equality for all!

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Pirate mother ship appears on horizon, guns blazing

More about how the the AWARE coup came about at:

There is also a link to an interesting excerpt of one of Pastor Derek Hong’s sermons at yawning bread’s blog.



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  1. This event is frightening as some of us wonder if such fundamentalists have infiltrated the parliament as 55% of MPs are Christians! What will happen to secularism if the next PM is a Christian and he comes from COOS??!!!There is more secularism and tolerance in “Christian” countries such as New Zealand!Read“Steeplejack of AWARE (women’s org) in Singapore by Joel’s Army church”Read Korean Buddhists angry over Christian favouritismThursday, 16th October 2008. 3:54pm”South Korean Buddhists have demanded that that the country’s Christians should have less influence over the current government policy. They point out that 13 of 16 ministers in President Lee Myung Bak’s government are Christians. Only one is Buddhist.”

  2. Hypocrisy Dr Thio Su Mien’s TSMP Law did business with Star TV which screened a celebrity talk show hosted by famous lesbian Ellen DeGeneres

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