Out on probation

Naughty Stitches

Stitches trying to start fights with Billy Boy. Earlier Billy Boy would give in and retreat but this morning they were ready to settle once and for all who is the top cat here.

I was just in time… Stitches spend the day locked in the big cage. Hope he learned the lesson, if not then the two will have to take turns being caged.

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0 responses to “Out on probation

  1. Hehe.. Disciplinary actions has to b taken yar 😉

  2. naughty naughty Stiches!he’s having the ‘don’t mess with me looks’.

  3. This means that Stitches has fully recovered from his painful mouth problem!

  4. Yes, he has fully recovered! So far both of them are ok… saw them sniff nose to nose and then sit next to each other.

  5. may be fighting for your attention 🙂

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